Online GIS

Online GIS lets you make, find and share GIS applications.

  • Bing Maps

Sharing data with user groups

On it's possible to share data, mapservices and web applications with user groups. For example sharing datasets through layer- and mappackages with all ArcGIS users in the country. It's also possible to publish data and services publicly or with specific people. This way you can create a mashup of your own services combined with public services and share the resulting map.

ArcGIS Explorer Online is a rich web application for working with ArcGIS Online maps and is a part of is currently replacing ArcGIS online and is available as an open beta:

Bing Maps (previously known as Microsoft Virtual Earth) is the term for a number of services seamlessly integrated with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. These services are:

  • Bing Maps Aerial: Aerial photographs and satellite images without annotation.
  • Bing Maps Roads: Detailed street data for 67 countries.
  • Bing Maps Hybrid:  Aerial photographs and satellite images with annotation. (streets and labels)
  • Bing Maps Geocoder: (Only for ArcGIS Server and the areas Bing Maps Roads is available for).

Basemap for lots of purposes

Bing Maps mapservices are a great basemap for numerous purposes. The map services can be projected on-the-fly in ArcGIS Desktop. This way using the maps for example for RD coordinates is possible. The Bing Maps Geocoder for ArcGIS Server can be used as a geocoder in webapplications.