Consulting Services

The majority of digital information is spatially related. Very often data contains information about an address, latitude/longitude or another reference to a spatial location. Geographic Information is therefore best handled by a GIS. Our consultants can help you applying GIS for your specific business needs.

In our opinion, a GIS should help you to provide better information. Your geographic information, or maps, should be available to everyone in your organization. This could be in the office but also outside the office where surveys, or engineering works takes place. ArcGIS is available on any devices. This means GIS could work in Web-browsers and on mobile devices like iPhone, iPads and Android devices.

We can help you applying the best ArcGIS configurations.

Our GIS consultancy work consist of many disciplines for example:
  • Installation of ArcGIS
  • Configuration of ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Online
  • Data conversion from Autocad, Microstation and other formats
  • Georeferencing of aerial imagery from drones, airplane and satellites
  • Build Model Builder scripts for repetitive tasks
  • Enables surveys to be executed without paper
  • Project Management
  • Perform Spatial Analyses and create Report, Maps and diagrams
  • Configure Dashboards for real-time monitoring
  • Perform flights with drones and deliver mosaic, 3D point clouds, Digital Terrain Models