ArcGIS Training

Training: Sharing Content on the Web

ArcGIS Enterprise offers a complete GIS, based on server technology. This geographic information system uses centrally managed data for map production and analysis. In this training all issues that are relevant for working with a central database in ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online are highlighted.

Training: ArcGIS Online

The concepts and possibilities of ArcGIS Online are covered in this one-day training course. The participants learn how to put data online, how they can share the data with others and what applications there are. With ArcGIS Online it is possible to use Webmaps via iPad, iPhone or Android and if the users are authorized they can also perform mutations in this way.

Training: Essential Workflows

Participants learn the most common GIS actions, such as retrieving and editing geographic data and performing analyzes. Attention is also paid to presenting information in the form of maps and graphs and the use of ArcGIS Online.